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Mila Kunis gives birth to puppies on my birthday with a Majora's Mask NEW 3DSXL!


I Cry Everytime

So my birthday was this week, which I typically hate because it tends to just be a bad day for me. This year I decided to make it a "haha" bad day for fun, so my friends joined me for shenanigans. First we went bowling and couldn't finish our game in the hour we rented the lane. Then we went to a recently opened "Japanese arcade" that may have the worst location possible in Columbus. There we paid $6 to play unlimited rhythm games and Silent Hill: The Arcade Game with extreme burn in. I had really looked forward to Silent Hill, too bad the game itself was terrible; the game itself plays like a poorly done House of the Dead, with a story that makes no sense whatsoever. 

After that we decided to go watch Jupiter Ascending, the newest movie by the Matrix creators starring Mila Kunis / Channing Tatum. The movie has been in development hell for some time having suffered multiple release date delays, so I expected a train wreck of a movie. Unfortuneately a train wreck was an understatement of how bad it is. The movie actually starts kind of strong, introducing you to a universe that seems interesting, then a scene happens that starts a hard downward spiral; Mila Kunis is talking to Tatum's character about how he is a lykin, or in this case mostly wolf and partially human. Kunis' character says in a sexual tone "I love dogs", to which me and my friends groaned loudly and I exclaimed "What!? This movie is garbage!" Not to mention there had been no build up or reason for these feelings. 

Mila Kunis filled with puppies

Dawn of the First Day (at Dtoid)

A few days later and I get to be an official member of the Destructoid team. I guess I'm Jed Whitaker now aka your Beard Buddy and the artist formally known as DimmuJed. Whoop, whoop! I better not squander this chance, right? I mean Destructoid has been my homepage for years and years. Do you know what it is like to see your name / face on your home page? I do. It is awesome! Speaking of which, watch my Beard View videos, I dare you!

Dawn of the Final Day

So my boyfriend and I decided to stay up all night trying to get Majora's Mask NEW 3DSXL's by waiting in line at Target in 5 degree weather. Normally, this isn't something we would do, but since Best Buy screwed up preorders and Nintendo decided it doesn't like to have products to sell in America, we decided to wait in line. Well...more like I forced him to go to line up at a different Target then me to double our chances. Long story short, check out the "unboxing" video below to see how my day ended... 

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