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US health insurance industry continues trucking on.


Zoomies gonna love this


Meeeow, that's right!


Great day for Amazon bots on twitter!


I was gonna make "people wanting me to post about video games" joke but lol nobody wants that.


Ace Watkins should be Bernie's running mate/clan member.


I had the chance to try this game a few years ago, and it got even better somehow, holy shit


The prez got murdered twice in one day


YouTube is a harsh mistress


I know this is an old one, but my oldest dreams was to become a perfect fusion of man and machine. Who knew that the secret to it lies not in tech-bros, but in LGBTQ people.


I can't tell the difference between a college campus and an active war zone either. I also find the idea that psychology has advanced as a field preposterous.


Zog me, boss, itz bootiful


Sapce amrines.


What divine artist guided the hand that made this?


At some point, speedrunner discussions just become indistinguishable from the timecube. Watch at your own peril.


Eating McDonald's in the era of fine hamburger dining is a real letdown.


"Has this never happened to you? It may! And we have a product to fix that..."


Well, at least people trying to justify assault rifle/drum mag purchases make for some great laughs.


Neil deGrasse Failson.


When you're not really making the point you think you're making.


AERONAUTICA IMPERIALIS! I wanna boom-and-zoom an Ork with a Thunderbolt and engage in some turn-fighting in Fighta-Bommas.


If you're buying the new Fanatical bundle and don't need Ashes of the Gods (unlikely, it's the best game on it), I'm willing to accept a free key/trade it for some Humble Monthly shit. Pic unrelated.


Hubrisbragging: all the postcards I got for my 30th - the innitiative was organized by my girlfriend, who is (nearly) perfect in every way.


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