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Door Kickers: Girlfriend Action Squad


Extremely regular happenings to continue in an absolutely normal country.


The same people who say that Nazis were socialists are extremely confused by the Republican militias in Spanish Civil War.


Just... watch this one till the end. You'll love it.


Shadespire is basically the only safe way to engage in AoS.


The revolution will not be OVA'd!


I will never be not happy that Red Letter Media gave Surviving Edged Weapons mainstream exposure. That tape is a work of art.


People who insist that they're not fascists, just "asking questions," are afraid of Antifa, which is super good.


If this is not a Neverwinter Nights reference, I dunno what is.


I'm disgusted with myself for posting this without finding a better quality copy, but eh.


I was inspired by the "Spiderman is a cop" article to make this. I dunno how.


Poke them in the, ugh, everything.


This is our BUSY TOWN now.


[url=www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/sep/12/north-carolina-didnt-like-science-on-sea-levels-so-passed-a-law-against-it]Brexit people: "it won't be bad, actually." North Carolina: "the sea level isn't going to rise, actually."[/url]


"Will Brexit be bad for the UK? Well, let me refute this myth with an answer that will leave no questioned unanswered: no, it won't. "


Never seen medicine reference health bars on the bottle


The last panel should also be "a worker bee"


What is it with horrible brides recently.


One of nature's greatest wonders.


How to be super smug:


William Tecumseh Sherman's Georgia Tour, November 15th - December 21st, 1864, appearing in venues from Atlanta to Savannah!


Teresa Petrauskas, the lone Lithuanian in the Praha augmented ghetto, lives in the 3rd apartment on the 2nd floor and has a hacking level 3 lock on her door.


Cutting it close, living on the edge, etc.


Much superior to DNC.


In desperation for First Person Shooting, I installed Mankind Divided and transferred my email/nickname to a new battle.net account to use that Destiny 2 code. Here I am non-lethally taking down a dude via tranq dart to the eye.


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