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People on Twitter are having one normal one after the other


*injects an entire crack into his veins* GTA 2 WITH MOUSE AIM AND SWIMMING


Been playing a lot of Stygian: Reign of the Cold Ones these days. It's the same as Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones, but you play it at an unheated apartment.


The best Area 51 one meme, anyways.


Downloading the MP open beta for Modern Warfare just to see how hard will it break my PC.


The Salamanders character is way cool.


When you thought that Forge World's Gabriel Angelos was as low as Space Marine head sculpts go...


Good guy with a bow! (TIL that in the Medieval context, "clerk" means "white collar nerd" - and for Medieval Death Bot based on Oxfordshire Coroner Rolls, it means "university student")


Freya: still mai waifu. It's a character design that you can just jam straight into my veins.


Having watched the hour-long Death Stranding gameplay video (in Japanese, for that special spice of shame for not having learned the language), I'm probably more excited for it than Cyberpunk 2077.


Man, reposting twitter stuff here is hard work.


Original Angry Gamer is on a pixelhunt for things to be angry about.


Lukewarm gaming moment, lol.


Ah, yes, the famous communist monarchists. And the daughter of the guy who never fucked. Top of the line world building there, lads.


Someone actually spent their time to make this, lol.


Great new Primaris design for Shrike!


They needed a developer AND a publisher for this?


Just watched One Upon a Time in Hollywood and it fucking slapped. Calling this director's """trademark""" is underselling what happened in the movie so hard that SEC should investigate it.


Pingu Bath Water


Engrish relics on Warthunder loading screens still get me.


When you paint a miniature for the third time and it still looks terrible:


Chaos? Let's see how it likes tanks!


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