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My First SNES

So... I purchased a SNES a couple of days ago. It's the 1997 model that's more of a mini version of the original. (Which probably are more inexpensive than the originals.) I purchased it from a nearby retro game shop- The prices are fantastic there too. I received the SNES for $40. Stuff like Banjo Kazooie for $20 and original Pokemon games for $5 each! I was in heaven! I literally sat there looking at the guy's stock for 30 minutes because his collection amazed me. 
Anyway- Enough about the shop. I bought one SNES game, A Link to the Past, for $15. It's a really great game too. I'm having a lot of fun. (I'm still only at the beginning- Haven't gotten too far.) I'll probably come back and ask if the guy has Earthbound. Maybe even Harvest Moon or Super Metroid. (Oh- Maybe Super Mario RPG!)I'm so glad I don't have to submit to the crazy prices online now. 

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