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People are missing the point about Ouya

Now that all of the hype has subsided about the amazing response to the Kickstarter, the nay-sayers are circling to point out all of the flaws with the project and inform people as to why it's already doomed. The biggest argument to this ...


Resolution: Only Play Games I Want to Play This Year

I have but one resolution for the new year in terms of my gaming habits: Play games I want to play. Before you proceed to flame me for my overly-simplistic assertion, allow me to explain. Gaming is at an important watershed moment. The p...


An open letter to Sony about the PS Vita

Dear Sony, I am genuinely interested in the PS Vita hardware, but I can't support it in it's current state. As much as people scorn your current moves in the industry, I have to believe that Sony remains a core component of the gaming in...


Gears of War: A Retrospective

With the Gears of War trilogy coming to a close, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding “H8 out of 10.” But before people read past this and start wondering why there’s no ‘score’ here, or why I don’t focus solely on Gears of War...


Why Next-Gen Gaming Still Isn't Current Gen

What does the title mean? Why should you care? While we think of gaming machines as being the cutting-edge, I think they really still have some catching up to do. Issue Number One: Software Diversity Ask anyone what the strength of their ...


About Jatoone of us since 1:44 PM on 09.30.2010

Raised from the fires of the ATARI 2600, Wizard and Warrioring my way though NES, Contra: Hard Corpsing onward from Sega Genesis toward PlayStation, N64, and beyond. I am a gamer in the truest sense: I may not beat you in Gamerscore, but I have played DOOM COOP over modem. I have hosted a dedicated Unreal server. I have been part of a clan in Tribes. I own the Ultimate Edition of Dead Space. And for one brief, perfect moment, I played a COOP game of System Shock 2 over the Internet. I have seen the mountain top my friends...

Recently my 360 died, so as of right now, I am PS3 exclusive. A part of me likes the newly uncomplicated nature of my gaming, but another part of me wants to finish Alan Wake.

360 vs PS3 is also difficult for me because although I'm better at gaming on a PS3, I don't like any of the console exclusive games. Uncharted I couldn't care for, God of War isn't fun, it's sadistic to play, and Infamous gets my vote for most annoying game of 2009. That being said, I never achieve a level above n00b in a game like Halo or Gears of War (both of whose stories I greatly enjoy).

I lament not being able to play StarCraft 2.

My favorite console is the Nintendo DS.