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Don't worry about iOS, consoles. You got this!

If you spend much time on Twitter, you will eventually run into someone who is convinced that the reign of consoles is numbered, that they are about to finally lose to something far, far superior: the iOS platform. A lot of the time, thes...


Which hardware manufacturer won this year's E3?

I've been told that since this is a game site, I should write more about games and less about movies. I'm not entirely sure how I'll proceed on that count, but this is E3 and so I figure I might as well share some thoughts on games... eve...


Does anyone else here like Columbo?

How many of you have watched the "Columbo" series, starring Peter Falk? It initially aired in the 70s and the original run came to a conclusion right about the time I was born, so I don't expect that most of you would have watched it back...


An ever so slightly overdue self-introduction

I probably should have done this sooner, before posting two posts here (one of which has since been deleted), so here goes... Hello! My name is Jason Venter, and I play video games. I also watch movies and TV, and I enjoy reading fantasy...


Is Clannad worth watching or what?

Recently, I posted elsewhere about Bunny Drop, an anime that I had enjoyed quite a bit. After checking out my article, a reader mentioned "Clannad" as another anime that I might enjoy, which was a helpful reminder because I'd been thinkin...


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