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Aaamaazing: Finding Beauty in the �Storm

The first-person shooter genre has always stood out as a platform to showcase the newest developments in graphical technology. From the early days of Doom and Wolfenstein 3D, the first-person shooter genre has cemented itself at the foref...


DA:O - A Warden's Final Choice

Dragon Age: Origins has been one of the most highly awarded western RPGs in recent years, and after you play through its main campaign it�s very easy to see why. I hopped on the Dragon Age: Origins band wagon a little late, about 9 Months...


E for Effort: The Art of Bionic Warfare

In recent years, we have seen a slew of old franchises resurrect themselves in this new era of High Definition graphics. We saw the return of one of the greatest fighting franchises ever in Street Fighter IV. We took part in a heartwarmin...


Just Wanted to Pass this Along...

The next time the whole "Are videogames art?" debate kicks up and someone busts out some Ebert quotes, here's a neat little fact for them. Just look at #6. http://www.cracked.com/article_18441_7-celebrities-who-had-badass-careers-you-didn...


Hey Hey!! Introduction and Parallels

Hi Destructoid! I've been a watcher of Destructoid for a while now, and I wanted to try to get involved with the community. So this is my first piece and I'll be updating this blog with more artwork and written pieces...as they get done =P...


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