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Dtoid in the news!

Destructoid is referenced as the first of "big video game news sites" in today's paper (Joystiq & Kotaku come after Dtoid I might add ;p). Then later I think the article mentions Dtoid while discussing the GOTY awards.

I know it's just a reference, but still, it's something! In case you're wondering, the article is in the Lexington Herald Leader's new gaming section in the weekender that comes out every Friday. Herald Leader has a circulation of about 112,000 so plenty of people should be reading the article today.

A snippet: http://www.kentucky.com/114/story/281819.html

It's a damn good article too, takes up an entire 2 page spread. Goes over all the GOTY awards, recent releases, upcoming, rumors, etc... I really hope it succeeds and he can keep the stories going every Friday.
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