DeS: Nintendo and Disney partner for new esports competition

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Dtoid in the news!

Destructoid is referenced as the first of "big video game news sites" in today's paper (Joystiq & Kotaku come after Dtoid I might add ;p). Then later I think the article mentions Dtoid while discussing the GOTY awards. I know it's just...


new CAD header. maybe I don't suck at PS.

actually, yes. yes I do. Technically I suck at because I didn't wanna yeargh PS to do something this simple. But I'm quite proud of my simplistic creation (even though it took forever to get lined up properly). Ctrl-Alt-Del...


First blog post = go

What shall I talk about? hmmm, let's see, how about my two favorite games of all time? Deus Ex and System Shock 2. and nooooooo, not Invisible War, the original Deus Ex. The great one. These two stand out in my mind as pinnacles of all ...


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