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Destiny 2 Beta Does More Harm Than Good

As console players are wrapping up their time with the Destiny 2 Public Beta, the reception of developer Bungie’s appetizer has been… underwhelming. Returning players expected an atonement for the game’s past mistak...


Overwatch and the Metagame Dilemma

You don’t have to look very far to find somebody getting a little tired of the current metagame in Overwatch Season 5. The dive comp, as it’s called, has been dominating the top-tier of competitive play since the beginning...


What Destiny 2 Can Learn From Overwatch

Destiny 2 is just a few short months away, and it’s looking to deliver on the promises Bungie struggled to keep the first time around. While they’ve regained a lot of faith from its community through a series of strong exp...


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