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Week 2

Ok so continuing from last week...In 133 I choose to be an elf cleric, being a hybrid healer and damage dealer. We started playing our first mission in D&D. With a team consisting of mostly ranged characters, healers and 1 melee fighter, our first mission was defeating 2 wolves and 2 goblins. These enemies were very over powered, and we got torn apart. Surprisingly no one died, but we all got a good feel of how the game is played and what to expect. In 129 and 130, we have been going through design aspects of the game, and figuring out what we are going to do for our sprint 0. I myself, trying to stay busy, made a piece of code for the player's camera. The function of the code is to zoom in on a specific object in the game, so as to get a better look at a picture or read a sign in game. It took me about 4 hours. 3 and a half of those hours went into researching the best way to go about the design, the rest of the time went into writing it in java, then converting it to C#. I'm much more familiar in java than C# but that is our standard for our project, and our gaming program in general so I'll do my best to write in C#. Other than that, our class has just been doing a lot of designing.

LORE of my D&D character:

      Dejar Rubks, son of Emjas and Skirten, Overseers of Melewauik, is an elf of great wisdom and strength. Melewauik is a city inhabited by races of all kinds, that share a common love for sport. Competing in hunting, gambling, and fighting are favorable events in this city, and the competition is fierce. Spending most of his childhood sheltered by the gates of this great city, Dejar used this time to study sorcery, hone his skills with a bow, and learn what it means to be Overseer of Melewauik. The position of Overseer is as being on a council; They make laws, and call the shots to maintain order in their land. Now as a young adult, Dejar has become a prime example for what an Overseer should be. At the time there are no seats open for a position as Overseer. One must wait until a member steps down from their seat, dies, or is impeached and then be recommended for a interview hearing. Feeling his skills and knowledge go wasted waiting for an open seat, Dejar leaves his home on a quest, to explore the continent in hopes to gain more knowledge and make his name known.

Short clip of what my code does:

Today was our first MATC mothership meeting, which is our student government for the Computer Simulation and Gaming Program. In Mothership us students get together and discuss what we want the CSG program to be like and voice our opinions about the program. We organize game tournaments and also put together meetings to talk with developers in the industry, for pointers and so they can give us a run down about what its really like in the industry. There are a ton of things we can do in and for mothership because it is run by us, the students. For now, we are asking for volunteers to be the president, vice president, and all that; I am running for secretary, to help organize events and anything else we do or need done. We will be voting and hopefully have our positions filled within the next couple weeks.

Game club is held right after our Mothership meetings on Tuesday from 5 till 9pm. In game club we just hang out and play games. Any and all games are an option, but a favored one we play is League of Legends. I am a fan of LoL and had to get in on this. So far we just play for fun, either against ourselves or party up against unsuspecting randoms and just faceroll. Its pretty fun and I see myself being apart of that every week.
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