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Nintendo, don't be my nanny

A Link Between Worlds has finally hit store shelves and Iím loving it. But itís doing exactly what every Nintendo game has been doing for the past few years since the release of the Wii, itís nagging me to take breaks every hour or so. While this may come as a minor annoyance for some I find it to sort of be a major aggravation. After 17 years of gaming the fact that Nintendo thinks it needs to be my nanny by telling me to go walk around me is just down right patronizing and Iím sick of it.
I would like to start by saying that I understand the need for this system. Children have parents that donít monitor their playtime and are quick to blame video games if anything were to go wrong. On the same note there are supposedly fully functioning adults that we occasionally hear about people actually dying due to hours of inactivity. Itís not like these messages serve no purpose, they are there for a reason, and one that exists for a purpose.
Breaks are important to playing games. It definitely helps to set the controller sometimes and let our minds wander. Itís a change of pace to get out of the game and into the real world and one everyone needs. We are humans; we sometimes need a bathroom break or a drink of water. I find myself taking 10 minute breaks every hour or two and itís all for the better. I come back to my game feeling refreshed and ready to take on whateverís ahead.
But itís the specific way that Nintendo does it in their games that comes across as a nagging nanny instead of a helpful suggestion. It becomes just downright annoying when after spending an hour eating dinner and talking with my family and friends that I pick up my 3DS from sleep mode only for it to tell me I should quit my game and take a break. Itís an annoyance that simply doesnít need to be there. My game shouldnít be nagging me to do something that I already do
To put it simply, I donít believe that break reminders should be removed completely, but they should be optional. We have parental controls for a reason. Would it really be out of the question to implement some sort of system that allowed us to disable these messages and restrict this option to those with the parental control pin? I feel like itís not completely out of the question and would make it so that my video games donít feel like Iím being nagged given that I use them to escape the nagging of my daily life.
Theyíre certainly not game breaking but I canít help but feel that it would be a little nicer if games werenít trying to be my mother. A Link Between Worlds is great though, definitely worth it if youíre a Zelda fan and it will definitely be making its way on to my games of the year list, and no amount of safety messages will change that.
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