NE: I played Pokemon Lets Go, and it was MEH
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Is this really the community I want to join? Or should I just run away now

I've tried startin blogs before. Livejournals.. whatever. If your a geek, then your a geek, and if your a geek, it helps to be with those that are geeks. There wasn't enough geeks amongst the other blog sites I was at. Why am I at Destructoid?

When I'm working, I get to often listen to my ipOd. I quite enjoy keeping my mind busy by listening to podcasts. I use iTunes to download them and a few weeks ago I checked out Podtoid and Retroforce Go! I liked em. A no bullshit, balls to wall, nerds vs geeks vs guys who love games but claim they aren't geeks show. I loved it. If I want to get more into it, I better get more involved than just browsing the site. I've checked out various front page posts here over the past few months and I like what I see. I'm HERE NOW BITCHES!

If anyone, or no one reads this, fine. I'm still going to rant here.
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