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My Exp: Eldritch

On the outside, Eldritch looks like a Bioshock/Minecraft hybrid. I promise you it is so much more. 

Look how much more there is to it!

The basic jist of Eldritch is to escape a library that has enclosed around you. Like Spelunky and other rogue-likes, permadeath and randomly generated environments are the staples of Eldritch. Even with the looming threat of permadeath, Eldritch allows you some wiggle room on how you play: Head on, stealth, or (my personal favorite), both! The game is not limited by its difficulty, it encourages you to take risks and try out new styles of play. Eldritch has this weird way of encouraging you to change your gameplay; sometimes it's actually easier to sneak past enemies and go straight for the exit door. Sometimes it's worth it to explore every room looking for TNT or more bullets for your gun. It all just depends on what's generated and what your inventory looks like. I love this about Eldritch because that means there are infinite solutions to each problem set before you. If you come across a locked door, you could: Use a key, use TNT, Use upgraded bullets, jump over the wall from the next room, use the unlock power, your choices are infinite. 

It's like you're trapped in the wonderful world of Scientology

Though the environment is amazing and is probably worth the game alone, the enemies are the real life and soul of Eldritch. The creators have had a lot of practice designing A.I. and it shows. During the first level, I was a little disappointed in the lack of enemy creativity, but that quickly changed during the next sequence. If you're a Doctor Who fan at all, the idea of an enemy that acts like the weeping angels should scare the piss out of you. Eldritch has such an enemy and I'd be lying if I said I didn't jump every time I was attacked by one. Beyond some creative baddies, attached to the A.I. design is quite an interesting loot system, that reinforces the gamble element to most rogue-like games. If you kill an enemy and loot its corpse you'll cause that enemy to respawn a few seconds later. If you respectfully leave that enemy alone, it stays dead. Encouraging you to be a decent human being. The aspect I really love about the A.I. is that I found I did much better if I ignored enemies all together, and focused on the environment, and continuously moving through it. Not once did I totally screw myself over by not killing A.I. so I encourage no-kill runs as a way of beating the game.

Careful, if you get too close, these guys will make you read Dianetics books

When I first picked up Eldritch  I was so focused on gathering artifacts and filling my inventory, that I quickly dismissed powers as a currency drain. But I'm also an idiot, and like most idiots it takes me some time to appreciate powers that are not linked to direct damage. Self depreciation aside, every power in this game can be used to completely break the world you're in. The first time I was bestowed with "Barrier" as a power I ran for the nearest shop, boxed the shopkeeper in a custom prison, and proceeded to steal everything in his store. There's something both magical, and devious about that sort of discovery. Other powers like "Teleport" and "Lift" make for some hilarious gameplay once you get the hang of them. 

I'll bet you thought I was joking about those Dianetics books...

The Pittman brothers have really made an amazing game and it's extremely accessible to boot. Between it's endless playability and the downright brilliance in its nonliterary, Eldritch has been one of my best game experiences this year! It's available here.
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