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10 random thoughts. Ep: 1

1. The amount of sodium in North American food is extravagant.
2. Rubber Duckies are, always have, and always will be cool.
3. Its a damn shame that Futurama was axed and no more will be made.
4. If William Shatner were black he would be a kickin' ass pimp... and I know it, you know it, Danzig know it, everyone know it.
5. Red is an overrated color.
6. Jagermeister is delicious every hour of the day.
7. Indeed, fools rush in, but they have courage.
8. Most commercials stink, but good ones are like tiny shows that are relished and sought after in a rabid fashion... SAUSAGES!
9. Ceaser salad dressing has a powerful aroma.
10. One of my three wishes would be to be able to locate anything. ( I know thats vague, I would certainly refine it before I actually wished it.)
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