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10 random thoughts. Ep: 1

1. The amount of sodium in North American food is extravagant. 2. Rubber Duckies are, always have, and always will be cool. 3. Its a damn shame that Futurama was axed and no more will be made. 4. If William Shatner were black he would be a ...


General idiocy rant and a PS3 shout.

...People in general are idiots. I make this claim due to my interaction with people at work, while driving and other daily tasks that force me to interact with strangers and society at large. First off, I work at a help desk, so that shoul...


Initiation through boredom...

I've come to a realization, or rather a type of epiphany. It is as follows: The more bored someone is, the more difficult it is for them to come up with something to do. This is further compounded by the amount of things that become limited...


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