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Two Video Game Bars in Seattle


Hey, I'll be at Gameworks tonight along with the rest of you guys, but for those of you new to the city, I thought I'd point out a couple of places near PAX PRIME that you might like.

Half a mile away, partway up Capitol Hill from the Convention Center, is John John's Game Room. They have a bunch of retro games such as Turtles in Time and they have beer. Each of the games is only a quarter. You can't see all the game machines in the photo. There is a small second level and they probably have two dozen machines in all. Not many seats here, so don't bring a group expecting to sit around. Just focus on the games and beer instead of each other and you'll be fine.

The other place is Shorty's, down in Belltown. This is even more divey, and it has kind of a carnie punk hipster vibe. Suffice it to say, you'll see a lot of tats around here. But the tables are BUILT OUT OF FUCKING PINBALL MACHINES. Though the tables tend to be rather sticky. They also have classic arcade machines, such as Donkey Kong. From the Convention Center to Shorty's it's about a mile.

This is not to sneak in a plug, but just to INFORM you, my dear Dtoid brethren and sistren, that we happen to talk about both these bars in the latest Go For Rainbow podcast

Regardless, have a fun PAX. As I write this I have just run through a thunder and lightning storm here in Seattle to pick up my warranty-repaired Vita from the Post Office. Callooh Callay.

If you go to Shorty's DO NOT NEGLECT TO GO TO ROCCO'S PIZZA NEXT DOOR. Amazing gourmet pizza. The water is flavored with cucumber. And the menus are inside of children's books that have had their pages ripped out. A little hipster, that. But I can dig it.

Jagger Gravning is a writer living in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, Riho. He is a Grand Jury Award winning filmmaker, a professional actor and board member of SAG-AFTRA's Seattle branch. He co-hosts the Go For Rainbow Podcast on iTunes. He can be found on Twitter here:@GoForRainbow.
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