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The Floor is Jelly & Magnetic By Nature Creators Tell Us About Indie Dev Life


Woo! Busy week. My game writing was published in THE ATLANTIC yesterday and in Kill Screen a few days ago! Very groovy. Almost too pooped to post. We met The Floor is Jelly creator Ian Snyder in a bar, but I forgot my ID, and got kicked out. So we snuggled around a microphone at a cafe across the street, and discussed non-Newtonian PhysicsFreudian dreams, meeting the game's composer Disasterpeace (who also did the music for Fez.) 

Before that, the Go For Rainbow gang discuss whether game creators have a moral responsibility for their works.

Last week, we spoke with the team behind Magnetic by NatureWell, the other co-hosts did, I was sick with a fever hallucinating about the interview I was missing. Not a joke. They discuss discuss their impressions of the Alpha Build of the upcoming platformer, funding on Kickstarter the dev team's experience with XBLIG and more.

The gang also discusses character makeover in games.

Check out the haunting trailer for the game, then have a little listen to the podcast!

Go For Rainbow is on iTunes

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Here's the RSS too. 

We get more listeners every month, so it looks like folks like us. And now we have the astounding Laurie Banks on the cast! 

We are a sausage fest no more. 
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