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Nerdist's The Indoor Kids vs. Go For Rainbow


Last week we permanently stole the Bestie's halftime. 

What will we steal and incorporate into our own show this week as we analyze and compete against The Indoor Kids' Podcast? It's all part of our quest to go from the worst video game podcast ever to the all-time greatest.

Go For Rainbow Versus # 2

Sampling of That Which is Discussed:

Perceived Racism in Japanse Culture (Oil Man, Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl)

Senran Kagura Burst is exciting to all you perverts

Bioshock Infinite's Rapture DLC went overboard on the breast inflation

Walking Dead's Clementine is supes annoying 

The Unfinished Swan has Terry Gilliam in it???!!

Dishonored DLC


Listen here: iTunes or Direct 

What do you guys think of the Indoor Kids???
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