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How Major Videogames are Slowly Readying us for a Gay Protagonist


My fellow Dtoiders, my first videogame article has just been published in the form of a feature on Kill Screen. I just wanted to share that here, as I am very excited!

It's about Lara Croft, Assassin Creed: Liberation's Aveline and LGBT protagonists. Check it out:

How Major Videogames are Slowly Readying us for A Gay Protagonist

What do you guys think???? Any other thoughts on the representation of LGBT characters in games?

Jagger Gravning co-hosts the Go For Rainbow podcast, chatting merrily with noted videogame professionals each week. He is a writer, a Grand Jury Award-winning filmmaker, and a board member of Seattle's SAG-AFTRA branch. PSN: Blood-Pudding
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