NE: I played Overcooked 2, and it was rad
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Oh the Tourture

Every time I decide to invite any of my friends to play Motral Kombat, I beat the hell out of them. I need some actual compititon. Like, they all say they're really good.. And then they suck.. And then they bitch about sucking. Ha. Only if someone was as good as me. (:
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Hello, my name is Jade Judge. (: I am a fan of expressing my opinions reguardless of what people think of them. I'm still in high school (LAME) in the state of Alabama (LAMER). I love eating, playing air hockey, smelling people, and talking. It's the best thing ever. Ha. Well, ummm, I hope you enjoy my blogs! :D (<-- I was just informed this was sarcasm. Haha)