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Bored of MW2

Okay, so maybe I shouldn't be whining about it. It is a great game, I do have to say. Unfortunately I'm not all that into FPSs. I'm also not really bored of playing it. I'm actually bored of watching my boyfriend play it into the wee ho...


About Jackie Murrayone of us since 1:01 AM on 11.29.2009

Many people know me as Teh Crackie. Why? Back in the day, long long time ago, a friend of mine was rhyming my name (Jackie) with multiple words. The nickname Crack Jackie stemmed from that and thusly just turned into Crackie eventually.

I'm a gamer on multiple levels, but mainly an RPGer. I've been playing video games since I could hold a controller, so that's since Crackie's very first Christmas ever. The Legend of Zelda has always been my favorite series, which has also brought me into the FanGirl-ish-ness of Nintendo. However, I've outgrown that as of lately and have been able to grasp the joy of playing on most systems. (I say most because I still cannot justify buying a PS3.)

All in all, you can catch me playing almost everything from Action games, to RPGs, to FPSs, to Puzzle. Currently, I'm roaming through games such as L4D2 and Rhythm Heaven. Drop me a message when the new content comes out and I'm sure to want to play. I'm a total play for fun type of gal. I do all of the formatting/Photoshopping for my images in my blogs and if needed I'll be glad to help anyone. Oh yeah, that pic is so me last Halloween (2009).

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