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Celebrate games.

I celebrate Gone Home more than I like it. I celebrate Journey more than I liked it. I even celebrate the end of Mass Effect 3, despite hating its fucking guts. OK, I didnít celebrate that at first. But Iíve come to. So, why? Why celebrat...


Papers, Please: Looking at layout

Well, that'll teach me to post throwaway comments I think won't be seen. OK, since I was fairly upbraided for a too-short post, let's throw in a nice big meaty one. One thing I've not seen discussed a whole lot in Papers, Please is the use...


A Quick Tip for Commenters

Seriously, stop referring to me as a "Social Justice Warrior". I'm a "PC Asshole". Because "social justice warrior" sounds awesome. Why would I take offence to that?


Casting Poker Night 3: Ladies Night

OK. I'm a huge fan of the Poker Night series. They're fun, frequently witty, and feature a lot of really fun characters. But let's go through those characters, shall we? We have, as opponents: ē One hyperkinetic, three-foot rabbity thing; ...


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