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Re:Metroid Wii U

Metroid is personally my favourite Nintendo franchise, but I don't think Nintendo was doing the series, especially Samus's character, much justice with Metroid: Other M. To me, it looks experimental, almost like they wanted to try out a new way of playing the game and experiencing it and there were some things that sparked but it also had it flaws. Metroid Wii U should both respect the series as how it had been (Samus by her self and in third person) but re-imagine it (like what they did with Metroid Prime). Here is my wish list and ideas for the next Metroid game on the Wii U.

Samus speaks but little
Samus doesn't speak, and maybe she shouldn't but for those who want her to, Nintendo should probably let her speak (a little) during the cutscenes. It gives her life but also let the player feel more like Samus during the gameplay bits when she only makes her sighs and grunts (which were nice). The other characters can speak as much as Nintendo wants them to but also keep the cutscenes below five minutes or maybe even three and talking in gameplay within a minimum.

Third person/First person
Something that Other M tried. With the Wii U controller, the player could see Samus through different perspectives. First person on the controller screen and third person (preferably over the shoulder like Gears of War or Dead Space, I don't know) on the TV, or vice versa. That way, all details in the HUD could be on one screen while the other screen shows only gameplay. This way, the different visors could return gracefully and the danger bar.

HD with a scare
Metroid is scary when you think about it but its not that quite scary when you play it. With HD, the creatures and characters look the smoother and maybe more real. Change the tone a little, make it more mature but not too mature to the point where you here Samus and other people cursing 'fuck' three times per sentence. Oh, and stop with the quick change of camera angle. Its distracting.

Other M had that SenseMove thing and the dodge which were ok but I hated the slow mo. Samus is a bounty hunter, she should grab and throw enemies like a boss. Dodging blasts is good too but only if implemented properly. I want to see her climb ladders, duck behind objects, take a glance behind a corner like a stealth killer and sprint across a hallway. Most of everything else is good, the way how she shoots and turns into the ball. Nintendo should only what is broken and not change it unless it is necessary.

But Most of All, No more orders, but the story should twist
Metroid Fusion ended with her disobeying the feds. She should pay. She should never take orders from a fed guy, she is a bounty hunter. Not a soldier and I think Nintendo forgets that sometimes. I want to see Samus fight the federation herself as well as space pirates and Metroid. Add a new enemy, not a frenemy (like the X). Sylux isn't new but he has a bone to pick with Samus. Perhaps the Metroid have a new form and can control human (I am just saying).

What do you guys think? And what should Nintendo do with the franchise?
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