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Next-Gen: Wii U needs


Nintendo is considered one of the best, if not the best, video game company out there. They may not create great consoles consistently, but they do make great games, whether you call them kiddie or not. The Wii was not exactly a failure commercially. It sold the best out of the big three consoles...but I can't help but feel disappointed in Nintendo. The Wii was not graphically capable of running the same games as the other consoles, it wasn't as powerful, it neglected the online community and playing games on a remote isn't exactly something that is considerably fun (it should stick with its main purpose: switching channels on a TV). The Wii introduced motion controls, not something I liked, but soon after that, Xbox came out with the Kinect and PlayStation with Move, making motion controls as infectious and annoying as 3D.

Thankfully, the Wii U is going back to the conventional controller except with a 6-inch twist. A screen! It's not pretty, but that is hardly important. Does it make sense? I see that it will be useful. It's up to the developers to make use of this new features, as well as the other features it will have. With the new additional screen, gamers will no longer need to enter and exit the menu or inventory, obstructing gameplay. They will be able the customize their players, switch up weapons, see the maps and radar and change the options while the game is still in progress. It will make the game less of a hassle (like Zelda with the constant need for changing equipment). This will be the game changer. Another use would be to integrate a different perspective, for example, the TV shows the player in third person and the controller in first person, making the game feel more immersive for some.

Perhaps the most interesting or rather, unique feature Nintendo has integrated in it's new controller is the fact that games can be played on the controller screen while someone else watches something else on the TV. Genius, but not rocket science. And the new concept of asymmetric gameplay also seems enticing, meddling with the game during multiplayer, giving the person with the gamepad the advantage.

But enough of the controller. The Wii U needs to be on top now, and be on par with Sony's and Microsoft's upcoming consoles. The Wii U needs a flawless online system. Users need to be able to play games with other gamers across the world with ease, Nintendo needs to let its gamers be able to download game demos, mods and DLCs, as well as be able to buy games online. The online universe needs to be as fun as reality. The PS3 and Xbox 360 also have access to content like TV shows, movies and other types of media. Wii U should join the party.

The console is expected to run HD videos, and it should do it with ease. Nintendo should have learned its lesson (I only wished the 3DS was as pretty as the PS Vita) from the Wii. The Wii U has to be way more powerful than Xbox and PS3 and I personally think it is. What the Wii U needs most of all is support. Third party support. If Nintendo really wants to attract the so-called 'hardcore' gamers (they really are just mature gamers but they love to call themselves that), they needs franchises like Bioshock, Elder Scrolls, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Metal Gear Solid, Dead Space and Half-life (whenever that fairy tale comes out)... We all love Mario but Nintendo needs to give the plumber a break; he's done his overtime and the franchise is getting repetitive. Improve the other staple games like Metroid, Zelda, Donkey Kong and Star Fox and reintroduce old titles like Earthbound, F-Zero, Ice Climbers and Yoshi.

Nintendo has the most potential out of the other game companies because they are like trend setters. Look at how Sony has made the Vita capable of becoming a second screen like the Wii U's controller and Microsoft introduced SmartGlass after the Wii U introduced its new system. I love Nintendo but I am not exclusive to one company (I mean, Halo is wonderful and God of War is just boss). Everyone should come up with new ways of gameplay. That's the point of gaming, the fun of playing games. The Wii U's gamepad is quite promising, whatever anyone else says. It's up to Nintendo to wow us all and knock down everyone else. No offense to the fanboys.... :|
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