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Metroid 5 is inevitable

Maybe my favorite Nintendo franchise is Metroid. It has so much potential to become as popular as Zelda and Mario, but apparently Nintendo doesn't care so much for it. Even though that is true, a new Metroid title is inevitable and on its way to the Wii U. I just friggin' hope its Metroid 5. There are many things I want to see in the next Metroid game but I'll only mention some.

Metroid 5 should BE Metroid 5
I loved Metroid Prime, its sequels and Metroid: Zero Mission but I have not played Metroid Other M. I am honestly tired of all the prequel or interquels or whatever they are called. They were great game (except for Other M - I only can't make a statement because I haven't played it just yet but I heard it's crap) but I think enough is enough. I don't see the same happening for Zelda and Mario (great franchises I must say). Those series go on. It time for something after Fusion.

Metroid 5 should BE consistent
Other M Samus is the worst I have ever seen. She's sexy (maybe too sexy). Surely, pretty with the mole and all (her eyes are different though) but she's weak in nature. People praise the voice actor, I hate her. She sounds like some weak-ass japanese girl with daddy issues. Her personality doesn't match with her character from the prior games. We need her back. And the new suit from Fusion should come back too as well as the Adam AI computer.

Metroid 5 should BE a mixture of the old and recent features of the franchise and never before introduced
Old features: Beam stacking, Missile stacking. The old samus screen.
Recent features: Scan visor. First-person. Dialogue in gameplay. Doors opening on approach or by switch. Sense-Move/dodging (but not in slow motion please)
Never before introduced: Over-the-shoulder third-person (its cool, don't tell me that is isn't), quick-time comback. Climbing ladders (up and down)

Metroid 5 should BE not crap
This is serious. Metroid is not an FPS or an adventure game. It's both. That's why is great. The next game should take that to the next step, broadening that genre. Metroid is a space adventure but it isn't as flexible as many would like it. Where is the life in the character (blame Other M for this statement), where is the oh-shit-I'm-gonna-die-running-away-like-a-little-girl-from-space-pirates? The fear? Feeling of loneliness (a little less loneliness if you added Adam)? No more forever long dialogue about what we already know and don't need to know. No more unnecessary characters (Anthony Higgs) or un-needed background stories. No fucking prequels! And where the fuck is the Metroid Prime 3 ending explanation?

Metroid has so much potential. Samus's ship could be controlled by the player (probably could include a mini-game). Wii U gamepad screen could allow the player view Samus in first-person and third-person be shown on the TV. Multi-player (good multi-player). An entire new way concept that might just shock all fans. Yeah. Metroid 5 should be boss. I just hope it will. Please tell what you think and your ideas.
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