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Jack The Ripper
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Journal of Sam Locke v4

WARNING: SKYRIM SPOILERS (intro to thane, some whiterun quests) Author's Note: I've gone 3 days without loading Skyrim. It's a new record. Some of my friends complained that my last entry was too short, so I hope this one makes up for it. ...


Journal of Sam Locke v3

WARNING: SKYRIM SPOILERS (Intro to being thane). Author's note: Honestly, these notes are mostly to fill up the initial description on the community page. Seems kinda silly to mention spoilers and then immediately start into what might be ...


Journal of Sam Locke v2

WARNING: SKYRIM SPOILERS (pre-thane) Author's Note: I did reload once this day. It wasn't my character's fault he died. I had a brain fart and kept running him into walls, under ramps, and generally had the worst mouse control ever. I mean...


Journal of Sam Locke v1

Author's Note: WARNING: SKYRIM SPOILERS (intro through thane, some smaller quests). I did some research and started this out in a book format and quickly realized that it isn't very blog friendly and requires a lot more work than I want to ...


A new Skyrim tale

I've played over 400 hours of Skyrim. This involved 7 characters, 8 if you count the short life of Raelin. I've done many daedric quests, all the big side quests, and completed the main quest. I didn't do them all on the same character. I d...


The short life of Raelin

Warning: Skyrim intro/early main quest spoilers To whom it may concern. We are sorry, but Raelin has passed away in service to the Jarl. We managed to recover his body from Bleak Falls Barrow surrounded by many Draugr corpses and found th...


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400+ hours in first month of Skyrim. Wanted a place for my character's stories.

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