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Tex Murphy Returns in Tesla Effect

On June 16th 2012, Chris Jones and Aaron Conners (the brains behind Under a Killing Moon, Pandora Directive and Overseer) successfully collected enough money through Kickstarter to finally allow a new Tex Murphy game to be created after nearly 15 years.

For a long time the game was only known as Project Fedora, and for a while, many believed this was the final title. As of today, Project Fedora is no more and in it's place Tesla Effect stands.

A new Tex Murphy website was launched and a teaser trailer for the new game was on hand to give people a taste of what the $598,104 raised was spent on. While gameplay footage has yet to be revealed, backer exclusive screenshots show the environments to be looking decent at the very least. At worse it looks as like this game will play like your average Tex Murphy adventure game.

As for now I'll leave you with the trailer in an attempt to get people hyped.

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