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More Hinjinx from Ouya PR

Well today is the day and Ouya is now officially available to the world... sort of. I've just checked Amazon's listing for the item, and even with my current Prime membership, which ensures one-day delivery on items, it will still take 1-3 ...


The Dark Side of the Ouya

In two days, Boxer8's much touted Ouya system hits stores around the world. The Android-operated gaming system promises to break down the barriers between the average Joe developer and the gaming industry by being manufactured to essentiall...


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Ok here we go. If you saw me in a shop I would not stand out, amongst a group I will blend. I am just an average guy who likes playing video games and like to share his opinion on the matter at times.

I have no alliance as I find being consumer-loyal is a bad exercise to practice and will jump ship at the beat of a heart if the correct information is supplied.

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