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New Guitar Hero 3 DLC: Guitar Virtuoso Pack (now available)

(This is a repost from Tuesday. The DLC is available now.)

So according to Scorehero, there is a new GH3 DLC track pack called the "Guitar Virtuoso Track Pack". It is the greatest thing to ever happen to mankind. Here are the tracks:

Joe Satriani "Surfing with the Alien"
Steve Vai "For the Love of God"
Buckethead "Soothsayer"

I'm not exaggerating, I've had to change my pants 4 times after this. I'm so mad GH3 Wii doesn't have DLC. I'm gonna take a guess and say that the pack will cost 500 MS points, which is like 6 bucks or something. My hands are breaking just thinking about this. Here's some videos!

Surfing With The Alien

For The Love Of God

Soothsayer (dedicated to Aunt Suzie)

WOO! Source
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