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Do you think FOX will apologize?

I'm sure we've all seen the letter on Kotaku by now (and if you haven't, shame on you!). Now the real question is, what now? Do you all think FOX will be responsible and retract the fabricated segment or just ignore the letter and continue ...


Ms. Cooper's Misinformation - Email

mis·in·form –verb to give false or misleading information Ms. Cooper, After watching your segment on Fox News, I could not help but notice the overwhelming amount of incorrect and misleading information that you spoke regarding the video ...


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What kind of games do you play?
I play just about every kind of game that isn't shitty. Well, I take that back...I do own Home Alone 2 for SNES.

What are your favorites?
Resident Evil (original), CoD MW:1&2,

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Dragon Age: Origins & Left 4 Dead 2. Just finished up AC2.