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Halloween Treat - Alice: Madness Returns

As the leaves go orange and the purple clouds of the north begin to replace those deep blue skies of late summer, it's only natural to adjust our video game choices to coincide with the calendar. Halloween may inspire images of slasher...


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Jason Russell has been working in video game journalism since the early 1990s before the internet existed, the term "fanzine" had meaning and sailors still debated as to whether or not the earth was flat. The first time.

More recently he has been the guy responsible for the Retrospective column for Old School Gamer Magazine, pens up a Game Skinny column on a plethora of video game topics.

He's somehow managed to author nine novels, writes and runs the blog CG Movie Review, is cofounder of the science fiction publishing house Starry Eyed Press, and sometimes, when the planets align and the caffeine has fully left his system, it's rumored he sleeps.