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10 things out of 720 (and AMA if you so desire)


So, some of you may have seen me lurking around, writing stuff (thank you very much!) and many of you probably have no idea who I am (which is understandable). As such, and to share a bit more of me with the community, I’ve decided to do this “10 things” stuff that seemed to be somewhat popular last month. And I’ll throw in an AMA in case there’s something you’d like to ask, which I’ll try to answer to the best of my ability.

1. Toy Story is my favorite movie of all time

When Toy Story was released I was 5 years old. As a child, I was fortunate enough that my family’s economic situation was pretty good, so in terms of quantity and variety of toys let’s say I had...a “fair amount”. And one of the things my parents valued a lot was taking good care of my things, as well as others’.

When I watched Toy Story – which was probably one of the first movies I watched – it truly resonated with me, and helped me better understand some of things my parents intended to teach me. I’ve now watched it a considerable amount of times, and every time “You’ve got a friend in me” (the Portuguese version) plays, or even as I’m thinking about it right now, I begin tearing up. It’s a beautiful movie about friendship, about accepting and overcoming oneself, and valuing what we have. Is it the best movie I’ve ever watched? Nope, not by a long shot, even if I think it is a great film. But it’s the one I love the most. And speaking about being “favorite” and not “best”…

2. I tend to get very bothered when people use “taste” and “opinion” like they’re interchangeable.

With this internet-age on full blast, everyone and their pet snail have something to say, and conversations which many times already were more about talking “to” than talking “with” someone. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for thought sharing to be reduced to just leaving something on a website and turning away (which is something I try not to do with my blogs, as it would be absurdly hypocritical). And one of the ways this shows is how ridiculous misunderstandings happen, how conversations get “stuck”, or never advance at all. Not to say that this didn’t happen before, but now is ever more present, as almost no one feels they have to stand by anything anymore.

Anyway, I wrote a whole post about this the other day, so if you’re interested in reading some more of my take on this matter, by all means do so.

3. I love pressing buttons

My mother tells me that, when I was but a little baby, while waiting in the car for my father I’d press every button in the radio and screw up all the stations he had carefully set up. Oh me, such and adorable yet somewhat dickish baby.

But yeah, that’s probably one of the things that initially attracted me to videogames. And it’s also one of the reasons why this touch direction we’re headed makes me feel a bit sad. I just love that feedback you get, that “clickety-clack” from writing on a keyboard or holding a controller…I really hope controllers are not completely done with, in the next few years.

4. I got run over by a car when I was 13

It may have been a really crappy summer, but now I have a nice story to tell my grandkids. Actually, I should start this story a month before the accident, in the beginning of July.

As I was playing soccer with some friends, I jumped over a fence, my foot got caught and I landed on my hands. As a result, I bruised my right wrist, almost broke my left, and had a cast on for the majority of the month. I finally took it off in time for my birthday, and my cousin’s birthday was a week later. On that day, I exited the car to cross the road with my mother ahead of me ringing the bell. As I was stepping foot on the sidewalk, I heard a screeching noise. I blacked out, as if knowing I would be hit, and woke up hours later, laying in my dad’s car, with him and my uncle in the front seats. He asked me if I was feeling ok, if I remembered my name among other questions. I didn’t really get it, but then I noticed my t-shirt had a hole in it, with a pretty big bruise showing. And I couldn’t move my left thumb.

They got me to the hospital, checked to see if everything was ok inside me (it was), and then they took me to get my finger checked on. The doctor asked which one of the gentlemen accompanying me was my father, and then asked him to leave. It took me but a second to understand, as one of the most excruciating physical pains made me wake up half the hospital. Readjusting bones hurts pretty badly. So, as I was waiting, a bit numb from the pain, I remembered something – I had my Gameboy Advance SP on my back pocket! Worried as I was, I took it out just to see the screen obviously broken; but my father told me he’d get me another one, which was pretty nice.

So, what happened? Seems like the car was turning at an incredible speed, and hit me in the butt (which my GBA saved) and I went sliding across the ground, hit the stone wall, and rolled to my mother’s feet. Who then looked at me and proceeded to pass out.

Everything was ok by the end of the day, although I must have somewhat ruined my cousin’s party – poor girl – and had to stay the rest of the summer in a cast *and* in bed. But the spirit of that ass-saving GBA lives on.

5. Scars = pretty freaking cool

Maybe because I watched Dragon Ball Z a lot and the characters always looked cool with their clothes torn and scarred everywhere; maybe because my father has had vitiligo ever since I’ve known him (and that seems somewhat like scars) and he’s always been my role model. Probably a little bit of both. People usually talk about having tattoos or piercings, but for me, I’d rather have scars really. And self-inflicted ones only count if you get them trying to protect someone or something.

Of course people do suffer through accidents that leave marks, and they only remind them of something they don't really want to be reminded of. But more than just looking cool on a person (and ok, some do look really cool), for me it’s more of the meaning behind having a scar. The fact that it’s a way to show that one’s been through adversity and it’s still here, fighting in the battleground that’s life. Showing that life’s not so much about what happens to you, but what you do with it. Yeah, DBZ always was profound like that.

6. Having a “career” has never been a dream of mine

When I was a kid, I used to say I wanted to be a dentist – like my father – but then I began developing this preference for learning, rather than studying, as well as separating something that feels like “Work” or a chore, and something I enjoy. Because of this, I didn’t want to work in something I love because I didn’t want to “poison” my passion by doing something that could make me appreciate it less. What I also developed was an intent on helping the development of the generations to follow; to help with their development and their learning.

I’ve never been one to want a “career” per se, just something that’d help me pay the bills, have a comfortable life-style and do the things I love. But there’s one “job” I’ve been looking forward to…

7. I want to be a father someday

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to have something to take care of, to share my values and the things I’ve learned, and watch him/her grow up and be better and happier than I’d ever hope to be. Just like a typical cliché, which is actually a feeling people are able to have.

It has also to do with my sort of “responsibility complex”, feeling responsible for the future is one of the reasons I wanted to be a doctor and then decided to follow Psychology. But thinking about having a child of my own (which is closer to being a possibility the older I get) made me consider really hard what I should do with my life. That’s why…

8. I have a degree in Psychology, but I’m a Translator

This has a lot of background to it, so I’ll try to make a short summary. When I was in pre-school, my mother thought it would be a good idea for me to start learning English. Thanks to this, my English skills are something I’ve been honing for over 20 years, and “localization” has been a topic I’ve pondered and thought about since I realized that cartoons and games aren’t all made in Portugal and Spain. The way to bridge cultures, keeping the essence of what it’s being translated from, and making it understandable is fascinating to me, and I truly value it.

But growing up in a society in which Translation isn’t really a skill that should give anyone any money by itself, I never believed it would truly be a viable option; even if I thought to myself “I’d be really happy if I could do this for a living”. Fast-forward many years and I’m finishing my Master’s in Psychology, when I’m faced with an issue: I love Psychology, but I’m not really sure I want to be a Psychologist the way it is expected of me. And the problem is, what I don’t really care to do, is what is best for child and family development (my specialty). And with the Psychologist’s Order being the mess that it is, I don’t want to have anything to do with this. As I’ve read somewhere before, feeling good with your job in something is related to how much crap you’re willing to take vs. how good it makes you feel.

Another thing that influenced my decision was my hypothetical children. If I want them to follow their dreams, to invest in what they love, I should lead by example and follow that possibility of doing something I love. Not just a job to sustain myself but something I really enjoy. That’s why I’m aiming to working in videogame localization.

Oh yeah, this is more of a gaming oriented website, so how about some game-related things about me?

9. Some of my favorite areas in games are underground/sewers

It’s funny, that I’ve always heard how people simply hate having to walk around in sewers in games, but I do enjoy it. The idea that you’re in a place that connects the entire place that’s above you, the mystery it’s able to provide, and also because after the sewer there’s typically an open area, and that contrast is like a small achievement of freedom. And that’s a feeling I appreciate a lot. Some examples: Metal Gear Solid 3, Shin Megami Tensei III, Maken Shao, Bloodborne, TMNT: Hyperstone Heist

10. It’s really hard for me to play games where you kill animals

Not just any animals. If they’re charging me and want to kill me, I can play the “self-defense” card. I mean when they’re just there, living life and I’m expected to kill them. Playing Far Cry 3, I really just made the basic stuff from animal pelts, and in the Tomb Raider reboot I only killed that first obligatory one. AC3 had this as well, and I also did what I could to leave them be. This was even more evident when I tried playing the Monster Hunter 3 demo, for the 3DS. There I am, ready to take on the first “monster”, when there’s this family of beasts in front of me, just there. Doing nothing. I immediately shut it down and thought “Not for me”. The FFXV demo as well, with those animals just there, eating grass and pooping probably. Couldn’t attack just to gain some levels.

Of course, in relation to humans this is the same, when they’re people that have nothing to do with the confrontation at hand. But I guess with humans you’re more often put in situations where you have a stronger reason to take them down than just killing them for no reason, while animals frequently appear in your way and you’re expected to not care. And so, when animals suffer it probably hits me way more.

Oh Agro, I cry every time.

There you have it. If you read it all the way through thank you very much, and if this made you want to ask me something, go for it. If the picture directly above this made you feel the feels, I'm with you. Have a [insert time of day you're in when reading this] and enjoy life. Yours, preferably.

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