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Why is the soap on the gr-CRAP!!

Okay so here goes, thinkin' i should introduce myself instead of joining and continuing to lurk while worrying if i say anything if i'll die in a wave of flame.

My "About Me" hopefully does the basics but i wanna flesh myself out before i get attacked as being a very bad man. You can find that out a little later.

So, about a year ago I found this fantastic site full of game news, insanely inappropriate jokes, casual posts that didn't feel unnatural and comments that actually made me laugh my milk through my nose in public (oh god did it burn).............and that site mentioned destructoid.

Sorry I couldn't resist it's my sense of humour it's very much hit or miss.

Honestly, I really enjoyed finding a site which seemed really genuine and not a new carbon copy of every other group, reading some comments from people that seemed genuinely happy to speak to each other and to have a proper community. I had DToid set as my homepage within about an hour.

Don't get me wrong I still go to other more "flashy flashy" sites every once in a while, but I keep looking here for the most part because you guys update on everything even if it is completely insane. I guess i'm trying to say I love Destructoid. From the brutally honest reviews to the raving comments about sad walrus.

Hopefully, I'm not gonna feel like the dude who arrived at the party right as the booze is running out and everyones found a nice little group to themselves. I hope theres space for the idiot with the spongebob squarepants F.U.N song lyrics sitting next to his CoD case just incase the annoying kid logs on and calls him a noob.

So yeah my PSN is jjmccallum, my email and msn is [email protected] feel free to add me, creepy people are totally welcome as long as you reckon you can freak me out, I have a feeling i'll regret that but oh well it's done now. I'll answer just about any questions, if it's truthful or not, well that depends on what the question is.

Please, be gentle.

You can has a sammich for bothering to read my attempt to be accepted. :)
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About JJMccallumone of us since 7:59 PM on 04.16.2010

My name is James, Surnames in the user, ye imagination sucks but it's mine. Male, 18, Scottish, possibly suffer from lack of common sense.

Lurker thy name is me, got into gaming through the original playstation and first MGS and never looked back. Generally play RPG games but dabble in the rest too, usually i'm the noob running around causing the enemy to get distracted while you sneak up behind them and make new holes where holes should not exist.

Love this site because it's just different from most of the others that take themselves way too seriously but doesn't go completely over the top and try too hard to be the outsider. Anything else you wanna know feel free to add me in whatever way shape or form you feel like if you can't then ask me.

I stick to the forums, but you'll find me around somehow, feel free to ask me questions, just be aware my level of comprehension sways greatly due to how much blood is in my alcoholstream.
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