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A Horrible Night for a Curse

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Recruiting New Heroes

Say what you will about casual games and party games. God knows I have. The fact is, now more than ever, games and technology have the means to bring people together, who wouldn't normally have a reason to cross paths. Recently, I became h...


Destructoid on WebbAlert

Just watched Morgan's latest episode, which I quite like having on first thing in the morning as I go through morning feeds in my Google Reader. If you hang on to the very end she plugs Destructoid and Leigh's Bioshock Pac-Man easter egg. ...


COD(is)4 Cocks?

My first jump into the Xbox LIVE Call of Duty community left me a bit put off. After finally being able to sit down to a few hours of the multiplayer beta yesterday, I was a bit surprised by meatheads I seemed to be surrounded by. Sadly, it...


Looking Back at an Idiot

The recent influx of quality games from unsuspecting places has started me thinking about the games the didn't quite live up to the hype. Even still, the games that not only didn't live up to the hype but the hype was so strong it took even...


You are Dumbass. Game Over.

Over the years, I've developed into a very methodical gamer when it comes to any game that has aspects of exploration. Games take me much longer than they should, but I get my money's worth. I try to get to know the boundaries of the game w...


Justin Bailey Needs a Daddy (2)

I was going to start with some bad pun about this post drowning in a sea of Bioshock posts, but I'd prefer to start by referencing a bad pun that only partially exists. Last week, I posted on how a demo of a certain, Big Daddy gave my hope...


Masters of Code

Clive Barker's Jericho, Turning Point Fall of Liberty, Overlord, Rise of the Argonauts, DiRT... Maybe I'm just reacting because they are making games closer to genres I'm interested in or that Jim Sterling touched on this earlier but where ...


Justin Bailey Needs a Daddy (1)

As I count my nickels and dimes and glance at possible trade-worthy games in my classic collection, I'm clueless as to how I'm going to afford, let alone play, the games I want that are coming out in the next few months. The current debate...


The Grunting is Getting Closer

First Halo, now Madden. Where has my elitism gone? Next thing you know I'll be buying GTA 4 and trying to retroactively join a fraternity. I did it. I "preordered" Madden '08 for the 360. My first Madden game since '94 on the SNES and my f...


Why Did You Make Me Do It, Mom?

MrRed made me think about my childhood. And you know what, Mom? I'm bitter. You see you made up this rule that I could only have one game system at a time. Which means I had to sell ALL of my NES games, system, and accessories in order to ...


It was so... and then there were two fake-guitar games

So there's this game called Rock Band, you may have heard of it, whose hype is consuming me. After scoffing at Guitar Hero 2 less than a year ago. Here I am, still drowning in my own saliva secretions from E3 videos and the announcement tha...


microsoft 180

As UPS decides to take the full 5 days in their 3-5 day estimate of the delivery of my newly revived Xbox 360, I can't help be surprised at how smooth the process has gone to bring it back from the red ring of death. Although, they can stil...


on heroing

before i start i'd like to join in by saying that Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s is a huge rip off. it's an expansion pack and should be priced accordingly. once that negativity had cleared and i plugged into enjoy the 30 new songs at...


the best video game movie yet

i didn't want to hijack the comments on Ambulance-Y's blog here about Resident Evil: Extinction. but it did get me riled up enough to warrant it's own post. i remember enjoying the first RE movie and saying at the end of it "this is the be...



Being an exception is something all us geeks, gadget seekers, and early adopters like to use to stroke our e-egos. I just experienced my third strike against my pride of owning a 360. As if just becoming a statistic wasn't annoying enough....


About JDevLone of us since 5:57 PM on 07.10.2007

26... someone called me decrepit the other day.

Seriously though, we have to be the greatest gaming generation. Growing up with it, watching it scare the shit out of the public so many times. And finally over take all forms of other entertainment. My thirst for games and its culture never fades, only my time to consume it.

Mainly I pay attention to anything dealing with the growth of the gaming industry. It's about respect as an art and entertainment form at this point. I think I have a "violence in gaming" debate at least once every other day at this point. When I'm not on a soapbox, I'm pretty much staring at the next shiny and ridiculous object that I can find, pointing and laughing at it, looking around to see if anyone else sees what I see.

Right now, Rock Band is about the only game I play consistently. That and random XBLA games.

Legacy of Kain
God of War

Fav Features
intuitive, fun, memorable gameplay
storyline or characters with some teeth to it
scares the shit out of me
addictive multiplayer that's light on the douchebags
watching someone Wii the first time
XBLA demos

Burnout Paradise
Assassin's Creed

Rock Band
Super Mario Galaxy
Picross DS

No Shame in It
Viva Pinata
Animal Crossing
Puzzle Quest

Dennis Dyack


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