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These are the games that I am playing now, how about you?


These are the games that I am currently playing now, with more emphasis on mobile and handhelds (since I only get a chance to play on my console during the weekends 

DATE: March 8 2018 

PS4: Dragonball Fighter Z and Persona 5

I am Dragonball fan, so this is a must play, and Persona 5 is long overdue (still getting used to the new art style)


PS Vita: Touch my Katamari and Super Robot Wars V 

Been a fan of Katamari..i hope they remaster it. Super Robot Wars in English?..a big mighty yes especially with Mazinger Zero, and Battleship Yamato included on the game. Too bad it wasn't cross buy for PS4 and Vita



3DS: Shovel Knight and Mike Tyson's Punchout



Just finished the game, and thinking of getting Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright (is it any good?.. and it's for the waifu since she loves puzzles)

Mobile: Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle and Hungry Shark World 



Again, I love Dragonball Dokkan (despite my bad luck at gatcha games)

PC: Paladins 


What about you guys? What is scheduled on your gaming timeline 

- Feel the Blaze ^_^

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