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I am still unlucky at Raffles, Lottery and Gatcha


I know that some people are just born lucky, they win all the time on lotteries and on any game of chance that involves luck (well, not all the time, but their win rate are far off the roof) 

Now there's me, I have always been unlucky at Lotteries, Raffles, and especially at Gatcha games. I thought things would be different when I joined the raffle from Bitpet. They are giving out Bitcoins, Ethereum, and some adorable pets (6000+ pets I do believe). I figure, maybe i can win one (6000 pets is a lot, and to get one would be great) and what is there to lose. So I registered my email, invited a few friends (100 of them hehe) and prayed to the RNG Gods that I get picked.  

When the day of draw came, I checked out their website, and as fate would have it (drumroll for suspence) i didn't win a single pet. Not a single pet from the 6000+ ones given away  

Same thing happens to me on my current Favorite Mobile Game "Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle". They give out these awesome new cards via pulls: (Goku UI, INT Gogeta, SS4 Goku... etc.) and I again tried my luck. Didn't get what I want, so I pulled again, and again.. and again.. the image below shows you a summary of my luck 

Well, it may not all be bad, like what Homer Simpson said "If I don't have Bad luck, then I wouldn't have any luck at all". Besides I am lucky on some other aspects of life so I guess it still balances out (yin yang). 

But I still haven't given up yet on Bitpet (theres more pets raffle i hope) and my search for that elusive LR Goku on Dragonball Dokkan Battle.

Hope everyone is having an awesome luck :) 

- Feel the Blaze ^_^

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