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PS3 FNF: You guesses it………Makoto, Tager, & MAG Edition!

Howdy folks. I’m back for another fun and fantastic ride. Plant your asses in your couches and get ready for some extreme fun. Lets party like its 2007 & play like we use to play CoD4. Do you remember when Moosehole, Jimbo, Takeshi, Shipero, Nexus, Corak, Vic, Trev, JamesEwing, and many more use to show up every week? Its alright, I forgot too! Maybe one day there will be a game that will bring us together again….

;( Until then, here is the lineup. ;(

BlazBlue @ 9EST or 10EST

Best fighting game on the planet. Come join and have some fun. I will take it easy I swear!

MAG @ Same time & same place host(WoodButcherDan)

Come shoot some people. Get some headshots. Here are some related MAG photos...

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