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Being Social: Planet Puzzle League

A medium time ago I lived in San Diego and worked for one of those places that make big posters and provide computers and copiers to people that don't have them or don't know how to use the ones they have. I didn't have a car at the time so...


Afterthoughts: Lost: Via Domus

Here is the thing. If I am a character in a video game, film, TV show, or in real life, stricken with amnesia, and at every juncture I am solving puzzles involving conveniently placed fuze's and circuit boards, I am going to just assume t...


Industry Jargon: Milestones suck, here's why

[D-bag note:I figured that since I usually end up bitching about the business in all of my posts anyway, why don't I just make it a weekly blog. So here is this thing that I just did. Every week I will attempt to spotlight a practice or job...


In Retrospect: The Simpsons Game

When comedians or middle school kids find themselves at a disadvantage against an audiance or a bully, with the bully or audience having an overabundance of ammunition against them, there is only one truly affective thing they can do. D...


EA tried to pull a fast one.

The blazing speed, the intense moments before crossing the line in photo finish race, flinging your car off of an overpass and gleefully watching the ensuing pileup. That is the kind of shit I expect when booting up a Burnout title. B...


Toon link is @#$%ing bossy.

Woe is the game that tries do make me do stuff that I am not yet comfortable with. A long time ago in Internet years, a.k.a around November of last year, I picked up Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass for the DS. I had heard that it would be...


Videogames: The Puff Daddy remix

It seems that the game industry is always in a race with itself. And in this race there are four very distinct types of people all vying for the front of the pack. The Designer/Writer is the new guy on the block. He came around in the late ...


Get ready! February is National Black Zombie Month

In recognition of resident evil 5 returning black zombies to the forefront of the nations consciousness, I would like to present my picks for the black zombies in mass media that broke down walls, and did their part to end the horrible mo...


The mutation of the arcade

It was only a matter of time until we became what we played. The arcade at its peak was both sanctuary and battlefield. You would walk in with your five dollars, do a lap around the dark room, taking in the sticky floors and soaking up t...


Politics vs. Pixels

Now that the caucuses are in full swing and the frontrunner's to win the whole shebang and shaboodle have shown cracks in their political armor the size of a baby's head, how long do you guys think it will take for the politicians to ret...


I liked it better when it was called Prince of Persia

I heard somewhere that milk spews from Gods nose when he sees you getting what you want. Well I have been known to say frequently that I wanted more story mixed into my video games. And after picking up Assassins Creed I now realize how...


Are we seeing a pattern?

I understand that it is hard. A game designer in the 80's had to create the world, create the code, and create the words for his characters to say. So he looks around and transfers what inspired him into what we played. Everything was...


Wolfman Jack is a perverted racist!!

The empire of arcades was strong in the late 80's-early 90's, and the force strong within it. Back then a social retard with a a pocket full of quarters had a plethora of places to go in order to escape from society, and I made it m...


Gypsies, tramps, and also,cocks

Yo, so I gotta wake up at the buttcrack of dawn to hop on a bus that takes me to a trolley that takes me to work. Its a mile hike to the platform, and most of the time the whole area is full of the gypsies, tramps, and thieves tha...


Go and wash yourself up!

I am still not completely sure about what I wanted from Eternal Sonata, but I thought that when I played the game, my prayers for a title that unflinchingly confronted issues that would normally be avoided in the video game realm...


All is well on the western front

First and foremost I would like to say welcome to this thing that I just did on a whim. Please have a seat and allow me to re-tell a story that has been passed down through my family for generations. One day, my great great Grandfather was ...


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