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It's a Blog...I think...

I kind of like Sammiches. They are very yummy. What I like more are Bananas: ^That is pretty cool.It has Banana's in Pajamas. You're a towel. I got Phantom Hourglass the other day and I ...


How'd they do that?

Why don't Dinosaurs have gonads? Where be's the penis? D: Someone tell me! Someone!? Even more confusing... ------------- Anyways ------------------- Going to a few conventions these upcoming months and here is what I have...


Apple Product: Ipod Touch The new Ipod Touch Personally I am not a big fan of Apple products. Their music players are pretty good but I will not stand for a computer by them. This new product is another music pl...


A Few Nintendo DS Fail Titles

Kinda bored, and in the mood to write so here are some games I played for DS and some I have just looked up (And beat or trying to finish right now, I really shouldn't but I still wanna dispite the fail.) The Sims 2 - This would have to be...


International Cost of Gaming

There has been war, depession, natural disasters, and poverty in the world. It effects many, but how does it effect gamers? How does minimum wage and the cost of living effect us? In many countries in the world the new generation systems ar...


Then & Now (Rant)

_ _ Talk about going back to the past... A few days ago I found a box of my dad's old games he had on the computer for my younger brother and I to play. Duke Nukem 1 & 2, Monster Bash, Crystal Caves, Doom, and a variety of "Learning/Kid fr...


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