DeS: IKEA takes on ... esports furniture?

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I think the first game I ever played on the PC was Age of Empires 2 in 1998, or somewhere around there. That got me seriously hooked on PC gaming, but I was a Pokemon junkie before that. For a while it was just Age of Empires and Quake 2, but then I started to expand my interests to other games. My best friend moved in down the street and he'd played every game for anything, ever. That got me into consoles for a while, Laura Croft and all that. I'm a serious PC gamer now, I play mostly online games. I've tried WoW, I play Guild Wars and Battlefield Heroes regularly, and for the most recent DTOID contest, I tried Shaiya. As for single player games, I play Sid Meier's Pirates, Spore, and Sacred 2 pretty regularly. I have a huge library of games that I've played, but don't feel like typing 'cause I don't play them regularly any more. Lol