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Mass Effect Requires Patience

Mass Effect requires patience and imagination to fully enjoy. It's like tasting a new wine; the first sip might have been atrocious, but there was something in it that made you go for a second taste. Soon, the initial bitterness fades a...


Gamers Must Complain

It's our true nature to complain. That's what makes us the hardcore; the elite of the gaming crowd. When the average person plays a game and don't like it they just dismiss the problem or call the game crap, but we are different. We see ...


Assassin's Creed: Worth Waiting For?

Having an Xbox 360 and some spare cash I can pick-up Assassin's Creed in just over a day and be enjoying it for a very long time. Any other time I would not hesitate to buy it, but today I am. See, I plan on purchasing a shiny new 80gb PS...


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I enjoy Wes Anderson, David Lean, Ansel Adams, Salvador Dalí, Joseph Conrad, T.E. Lawrence, Ernest Hemingway, Hunter S. Thompson, Edgar Allen Poe and Antoine de Saint Exupéry. I admire Georges Guynemer, Amelia Earhart, Glenn Miller, Billy Bishop and Willard Matheson.

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