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MGS Codecs Part 1/5

The Metal Gear Solid franchise is memorable and almost unique from other games in two things; more twists than a Fanta Twist (seriously that shit is tasty) and codec conversations. Codec conversations have been a staple of this franchise,...


Solidus Snake - Ass is Bad

Solidus Snake, the third snake, is often overshadowed by his two elder brothers. For no fucking good reason. The man was a PRESIDENT and a CLONE that had a METAL GEAR SUIT, don't forget dual-katana fighting. Oh, and he destroyed a couple ...


Free PSN games, Game Sharing.

PSN games (except for Warhawk, for obvious reasons) all have something in common. They can be downloaded a total of 5 times, on any PS3. Possibly to accommodate for the hard disk wipes and formatting people may do. That's cool, and unders...


Super Black Mesa Brothers

You know all those Super Mario mods, bucket-loads of 'em. Here's one I doubt you've seen before though, featuring Gordon Freeman and headcrabs as goomba's, it's a FPS platformer. Super Black Mesa Brothers http://www.dumpalink.com/vid...


Trashtalking in Commercials

Sure, I grew up on games, but SEGA didn't rule here in Norway, and I never saw a commercial for either them or Nintendo here. My memory is kinda fuzzy from when I was young, but I didn't really hear much from SEGA overall. I thought all t...


Musical Genius

A few moments ago DestinRL posted an amazing piece of work on Gametrailers. The guy/gal uses only the sounds that are stock with Windows, and creates a pleasant tune. Honestly the music could be used in a game perfectly. I wouldn't compl...


Chintendo Vii Commercial

Yes, what you have just witnessed (assuming you mindlessly clicked the play button) was amazing. It was a commercial of the Chintendo Vii, the Wii rip-off. And by the looks of it, a pretty bad one at that. I also think I saw a Chinese p...


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Hi! I'm a pretty cool guy called Jama that reads blogs, plays games and doesn't afraid of anything!
I've got a nifty set-up at home that involved a 360 before I sold it. :(

Now it's just a PS3, a DS and a PSP. Portable gaming FTMFW!
Seriously though, portable gaming is a treat. It's sex, but on the roads. I love being able to whip out the old guy and playing with him until I get tired.

PSN: Kaizoku-ou. Means "Pirate King". Ninja's suck ass anyway.

*que Love Theme from MGS4

Gaming has changed. It's no longer about clans, teamwork or even the goal. It's an endless series of griefing, fought by failtards and trolls. Gaming, and it's now consumption of life, has become a well-oiled machine. Gaming has changed. ID tagged "Call of Duty 4" soldiers carry ID tagged Gamertags, use PSN ID tagged gear. Hormones, after gaining an achievement, are released inside their bodies to enhance and regulate their abilities. Sony control. Microsoft control. Nintendo control. Consoles control. Everything is monitored, and kept under control. Gaming has changed. The age of 8-bit Mario's has become the age of control. All in the name of averting financial catastrophe from Ubisoft casual games. And he who controls the controller port 1, controls the first player. Gaming has changed. And when the battlefield is under total control, gaming, becomes routine.