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What's the deal? "Teh Bias: 8"

First of let me start by saying how happy I am. Why would I be happy you ask? Well I'm so glad you asked. It's because I was featured/re-caped in C blogs of 8-02-10 and Qalamarisms: WordToid. So yeah, that's why I'm happy. =) However I'm a...


Teh Bias: 8

The games are 8, the genres are 2. It may seem like a boring list of games I have for entertainment, and certainly nothing big to argue over, or have any bias toward, but that would be your opinion. The first genre that holds 4 games is RTS...


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I got into gaming as a child when my parents bought my brother and I a SNES then a Nintendo 64, so on and so on. Only now I've been leaning more into RTS and my brother into games that include the XBox 360, but I play that as well. On the XBox I play Ace Combat 6, my favorite even since I played the Ace Combat games, 4, 5, and Zero on the PS2. On the computer I like to play Sins of a Solar Empire: Sins of the 13th tribe mod. My other interest is computers, but can't say much, I don't know much. So yeah... that's me. The short version. Hi.