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Cutest Front page Ever !

Seriously, what do I need to say more ? IG Magazine is a mook (contraption of book and magazine) which talks about videogames and so in this issue, they'll talk about fighting games, girls and gaming and survival horror games. It comes ou...


I, the author : Chrono Trigger

(Warning! This post might contain spoilers and might absolutely suck!) In my opinion, Chrono Trigger is one of the best games to deliver to the player a sense of choice : each playthrough will be different, from the previous one (Well, if...


So I finally have the DSi

Well, in fact I have it since Friday, (because they don't open stores on Sundays in France) and all I can say is that this console is quite good. The main problem I had with it is that it has crashed once (because I was trying to connect to...


A quick introduction to myself

Hi everybody, I'm Issun, and all the big details about me are/will be in the column---> It has been a long time since I discovered the site (in fact, it's been since June 2008) and I finally made up my mind and decided to be part of this...


About Issunone of us since 8:41 AM on 02.15.2009

My "name" is Issun, I'm 16 and I'm from Bordeaux,France.
My favorite games are:
-Okami (those who played it know already why it is awesome)
-Final Fantasy 6
-Chrono Trigger
-Rhythm Tengoku

I own (in order of GET):
-Game Boy(my first introduction to gaming)
-Game Boy color
-Nintendo 64
-Game Boy Advance
-Playstation 2
-Nintendo Gamecube
-Nintendo DS then Lite
-Super Nintendo
-NES (died not so long ago)
-Xbox 360
-Nintendo DSi

My favorite film is for the moment ... don't know...

I'm currently playing:
FFTactics A2
PB WinterBottom
And lots of other games