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Comiket 83: my favorite games

I posted this on Japanator but since it's about games, might as well post it here too. Comiket is the world's largest self-published comic book fair, held twice a year in Tokyo, Japan. It's not just about books though, but also music and d...


Why do I love you? Will I still love you?

There are few games that push all my buttons. I have a long list of video games I absolutely love but if contrasted with the number of video games I have played in my life, I think it would paint a very interesting picture of my habits. ...


Ico: All Style No Substance

The Disillusion of Ico? Ico is one of those classic games a lot of gamers missed. Whether it was because of a lack of Sony consoles, or just never hearing about it, chances are you haven't played it. I could only welcome the initiative of...


The Disillusion of the PS Vita

As we get closer to the 17th of December, the launch date of the PS Vita in Japan, more and more information is released about the device. When the handheld formally known as the NGP (Next Generation Portable) was unveiled at E3, we were ...


Transcript: Bastion Interview on Mash Tactics!

Greg Kasavin, creative director of Super Giant Games was a guest on Mash Tactics yesterday. He gave us a great insight into the making of Bastion, and how the team works together. Here is the transcript of that interview by Jon Carnage and ...


Freedom: Open World Games: the new trend?

This is an article I wrote back in Summer 2009 about open world games. I hope you find it interesting! GTA IV, Fallout 3, Elder Scrolls IV, Red Faction Guerrilla, InFamous, Prototype. Apart from being awesome games, what do they have in ...


P2 Press Start: Competitive Coop

*\WARNING/ THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS OF THE FOLLOWING GAMES: Splinter Cell Conviction coop mode, FEAR , and talks about the coop feature in the upcoming FEAR 3* The last mission from SC Conviction's coop campaign had to be the harde...


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