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Puppy Bowl IX Preview

Puppy Bowl IX is just a week away so letís get a good look at the competition

(Note: if you want to say goodbye to your productivity, just pull up the live look in stream found here

Name: Agatha
Breed(s): Miniature Pinscher
Fun Fact: Loves to be the center of attention and get everyone going
Isay Take: Itís easy to get others all riled up but I wanna see how she intends to finish things before I give her any change of winning

Name: Althea
Breed(s): Australian Shepherd/Catahoula Mix
Fun Fact: Loves to play and snuggle
Isay Take: Snuggling alone isnít going to win you the prize, best bring it!

Name: Arlo
Breed(s): Labrador Retriever/Collie mix
Fun Fact: A totally amazing pup, originally from South Carolina
Isay Take: South Carolinians are going crazy for their local hopeful. Letís see if Arlo can win one for the Palmetto State!

Name: Aurora
Breed(s): Siberian Husky/Retriever mix
Fun Fact: Loves to play, play, play and she loves toys
Isay Take: LEMME TELL YA THIS DOG! Thatís 3x the play than other dogs. Clearly the early favorite if she can play her type of game.

Name: Bessie
Breed(s): Catahoula Leopard Dog mix
Fun Fact: A funny girl who always keeps people pinned
Isay Take: Love the attitude but you gotta get out there and mix it up. The ref has got to keep an eye on this one.

Name: Biscuit
Breed(s): Puerto Rican Sato
Fun Fact: Her mom is Julia Roberts so she is destined for greatness
Isay Take: Julia Roberts gave birth to a dog? Sounds about right.

Name: Blitz
Breed(s): Terrier mix
Fun Fact: Rode a plane, subway, AND a taxi in 24 hours
Isay Take: Thatís a lot of travel before competing. You gotta figure itíll affect Blitzís performance

Name: Butterscotch
Breed(s): Puerto Rican Sato
Fun Fact: Rescued off of a beach in Puerto Rico called "Dead Dog Beach"
Isay Take: A real feel-good story that will certainly endear the fans. Any big play could seal the deal for Butterscotch.

Name: Cash
Breed(s): Pit Bull
Fun Fact: Loves belly rubs
Isay Take: Letís see if Cash likes to get out there and Tango with the other puppies.

Name: Chestnut
Breed(s): Labrador Retriever/Australian Shephard mix
Fun Fact: Loves to play and snuggle
Isay Take: Got a lot of snugglers in the field. Could turn this game into a pillow fight.

Name: Copper
Breed(s): Dachshund/English Pit Bull mix
Fun Fact: Loves to shred paper
Isay Take: Bit of a ball hog. If he doesnít spread the play around could cost him.

Name: Daffodil
Breed(s): Chow Chow/Labrador Retriever mix
Fun Fact: Loves to wrestle, but also likes to cuddle on the couch
Isay Take: Been inconsistent all season. The outcome of this game could greatly depend on which Daffodil shows up.

Name: Daisy
Breed(s): Yorkshire Terrier
Fun Fact: Likes to wrestle with her two brothers
Isay Take: Canít wait to see her play with the big boys. LOVE THAT ENERGY

Name: Eli
Breed(s): German Shepherd/Pit Bull mix
Fun Fact: Favorite toy is from Dunkin Donuts
Isay Take: Canít spell ELITE without Eli. May be too focused on his endorsement deals to really get out there and play hard enough.

Name: Elias
Breed(s): Pit Bull
Fun Fact: Was born in a Los Angeles animal shelter
Isay Take: Sounds like Elias is just looking to have a real good time

Name: Fitz
Breed(s): Catahoula mix
Fun Fact: Loves to pull his brother's tail
Isay Take: Classic instigator. Could be the monkey wrench that throws things wide open.

Name: Gunther
Breed(s): Pit Bull/ Hound mix
Fun Fact: Amazingly quiet and a really good cuddler
Isay Take: Oh God Ė itís like heís looking right through my soul.

Name: Harry
Breed(s): Chocolate Dachshund Smooth
Fun Fact: Is a lovable little terror
Isay Take: Iím a sucker for Dachshunds. Harry needs to use that low center of gravity to soak up all those big hits from the larger breeds. Could see some sneaky scores.

Name: Jenny
Breed(s): Pit Bull/Hound mix
Fun Fact: A very sweet girl
Isay Take: I may not be a smart man but I got a feeling Jenny is going to take to this game like peas and carrots

Name: Juniper
Breed(s): Great Pyrenees
Fun Fact: Is both a lover AND a fighter
Isay Take: Juniper was disqualified from competition after testing pawsitive (HA) for marijuana.

Name: Koda
Breed(s): Catahoula/Boston Terrier mix
Fun Fact: Voted cutest puppy in Howl's Kitchen Manhattan. He is Expert at riding the subway.
Isay Take: Unfortunately for Koda, this ainít a beauty pageant. Not sure how subway riding skills are going to translate on the field

Name: Lenny
Breed(s): Catahoula Leopard Dog mix
Fun Fact: He likes to sleep on peoples' heads. It's something about the neck area, very warm.
Isay Take: Lenny is going to need to come up big on the defensive side and keep the smaller dogs out of the endzone.

Name: Magnolia
Breed(s): Chow Chow/Labrador Retriever mix
Fun Fact: Is very faithful and independent
Isay Take: Iím excited to see if Magnolia could blossom out there on the field. Canít just sit on the sidelines and expect to win.

Name: Marta
Breed(s): Schnauzer/Beagle mix
Fun Fact: Loves to wrestle with bigger dogs
Isay Take: Another wild card. If Marta does a good job holding her own in the major pileups, she will have an excellent shot at coming out on top.

Name: Masquerade
Breed(s): Catahoula Leopard dog mix

Name: Nala
Breed(s): Japanese Chin
Fun Fact: Sweet and sassy, but she can also be very fierce with her brother Simba
Isay Take: Her size may not be enough to win so she is going to need to move-fasa than her competitors.

Name: Pearl
Breed(s): Australian Catahoula/Labrador Retriever mix
Fun Fact: A gorgeous blonde
Isay Take: Pearl has the size to handle anything on the field but needs to not get penalized for following Australian Puppy Bowl rules football.

Name: Sally
Breed(s): Dachshund/Basset Hound mix
Fun Fact: Loves to steal slippers
Isay Take: Dachshund Basset mix?!?!
/melts into puddle of joy
Takeaways are going to be key to Sallyís success and could throw other competitors off their game.

Name: Shadow
Breed(s): Catahoula/Labrador Retriever mix
Fun Fact: He is a really soft super snuggler
Isay Take: Now there are SUPER snugglers? This is lining up to be a real pillow fight.

Name: Simba
Breed(s): Japanese Chin
Fun Fact: Very playful and confident with other dogs
Isay Take: Aw man the brother is in this too? Um, something something running Scar-ed and Circle of Life

Name: Trinka
Breed(s): Schnauzer/Beagle mix
Fun Fact: Loves sleeping in hotel room beds
Isay Take: If sleeping is the best ability you got, donít expect to last long on the field.

Name: Tuck
Breed(s): German Shepherd/Pit mix
Fun Fact: The only black pup in his litter of 6
Isay Take: /slowly backs away from that Fun Fact

Name: Willis
Breed(s): Long-haired Chihuahua mix
Fun Fact: A very very puppy with the funniest ears ever
Isay Take: Forget about the ears, you gotta keep that head on a swivel to avoid being blindsided.

Name: Winston
Breed(s): Miniature Pinscher
Fun Fact: The cutest of the litter and one of the hungriest.
Isay Take: Cute and hungry? Those are the ingredients for success!

All in all, a deep field with a lot of skill out there. The snugglers are going to need to step up and play along or play great defense if they want to outshine their more excitable opponents. If Aurora shoots out of the gate, this game will be over quick. But if she struggles that could open the door for wild cards like Daisy, Fitz or Marta. Hopefully the ref swallows his whistle and just lets them play. In the end, sit back, relax and enjoy the game. Thereís even going to be hedgehog cheerleaders this year!

Oh yeah I guess there are storylines for the actual Super Bowl as well
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