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Sex - Tropes and Men Dante from DmC: Devil May Cry


You know the drill if you read the last article. This is an analysis of the tropes that are involved with charecter's including their gender.

Some Facts and Info about Dante

1.The Bounty Hunter/Cowboy/Loner

Dante Fits in the mold of Charecter's that are loners. Be it a cowboy or the Bounty Hunter the idea is basicly the same. They are men of action who go around solving problems. Often despite their best wishes. They exist in aimless wonderless existances until they run across some kind of problem or in the case of the opening of Devil May Cry one. Go Crashing though the door right to them.

2.The Bad Boy

Dante's styling's and behavior are that of the proverbial bad boy. Bad Boys are unpredictable thus making them exciting. This is a popular Trope for male protagonists because these kind of men are exciting and passionate. While this does overlap with the Bounty hunter character type from the previous example. Many of the Cowboy Loners are professionals. A character like D from vampire hunter D is calm and cut off. The Bad Boy engages and tells the world to go screw itself. And despite what some women may claim the idea of what they can do to them in bed is an appealing Fantasy for many women COUGH 50 Shades of Grey COUGH.

If you notice in all the Devil May games Dante's main interactions are allways with a female. This had to do with from what I can tell that Dante's lead around by his Libido he's powered by pure sex drive. How many men does Dante listen to in the whole series?

3. Adolecance

Dante being the Bad Boy also acts extremely Juvenile Despite being an adult many of his attitudes are that of a 15 year old.

Don't mess with me let me finish my Pizza while I jam to some Tunes and kick your Ass

Then I'll ride a missle it'll be hard core

compare that to

4. Dante Can kick your ass

I think its safe to say with all the crazy combos and god knows what else he can do. Along with being able to take Stabs through the chest that Dante is a Combat Machine. Its the core of the whole series is the pure levels of power and pulling off combos in elaborate fashions.

5. Dante is Sexy

To Paraphrase Jim Sterling just type in Devil May Cry Into Deviant Art or Google and watch what shows up. You'll get a series of images that show off Dantes Body and Physicality. In Fact if you look at the way the Combo system works it being all about stylish action. The entire series could be argued exists to show off Dante's Body and what it can do. Much like fighting games the Physicality of the character is one of the main draws. There's plenty of Male eye candy, Dante starts Devil May Cry 3 completely without a shirt. And the new one has him getting dressed throughout the entire first level. All the meanwhile you get to see the vast majority of Dante's Body.

6. Demon Spawn

Dante in both continutys of the character is the son of Sparta who is a demon that turned against hell Fell in love with a women (an angel in the new one) and Generally pissed the Demon Mundos off. As a result of this he has Demonic powers like being able to turn into a demon with the Devil Trigger Ability. Since he's half Demon he gains the power of demons without being Evil. Its a common Trope for there to be half humans with special ability the American Indians, Greeks, Japanese and Several other Culture have similar myths of some sort of outsider mixing into the main populas and making a child with special gifts.

Trait Breakdown

Immensly attractive to women
Has a Business killing Demons
Has 3 women who fancy him.


Half Demon can be held against him by various theological beliefs (IE Antichrist)
Way too Cocky
As Yatzee put it a C**T
No formal education
Solution to every problem involves killing it
Has one of the worst diets in Gaming history (Just Take out Pizza)
Tends to get stabbed through the chest with swords.

And one last Embarrassment
Two Words
Strawberry Milkshake
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