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I bought Splinter Cell Conviction on PC, and it's fantastic. It's a great game, with tight controls and powerful contextual abilities. The only problem is the people who published it - Ubisoft. In the last few weeks, Ubisoft's servers (whic...


Mobility: Meganoid

I've played cute mobile games, deep mobile games, hard mobile games, and skillful mobile games. The only game I have ever played on my phone that embodies all of these qualities however is Meganoid. Meganoid is, on the surface, an exceedin...


What Made Retro Games So Compelling

This one was written by my partner. I'll let you know which articles are his vs mine. Retro Games were so compelling to so many of us, and it seems that the game industry has a strange fixation on them. For all you who donít understand or ...


A Discussion on the Term 'Generic'

There are tons of FPS games hitting the market. It's not exactly a big secret that developers are pumping out games faster than manufacturers can make copies, but it's not likely to last for too much longer. The next 'genre trend' will appe...


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