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Xmas Gaming: Playing GTA V on Xbox One


This is my first blog post that I want to do on a game close to my heart - Grand Theft Auto V. Well, it will be my favorite game up until a good boxing game arrives on the Xbox One!

Are you still hanging onto your XBox 360, even in the midst of the newest generation XBox console, simply because you love playing Grand Theft Auto V? You’re probably not the only one, but there is good news for you. Rockstar recently re-released GTA V for the XBox One, and it has a lot of people talking.

The newest version of GTA V is a remaster of the previous game, and it’s one that fans have been begging to be released for months. Some gamers would accuse a company of re-releasing a game for a later system simply to help their bottom line, but that’s not the case with GTA V. Fan were signing petitions to get Rockstar’s attention about making the game available for Playstation 4 and XBox One, even going so far as to make a major fuss when rumors spread that Rockstar wouldn’t be remastering the game.

If you’ve never played GTA V, you’re in for a truly fun and visually-impressive gaming experience. But if you’re an owner of the previous version of the game, you’re in a tough place. Why buy a game you already have. Rockstar, in realizing that most people don’t want to buy something twice, has created a remastered version that is far superior to the original.

We all know the XBox One has some stunning capabilities when it comes to graphics, and the new port of GTA V seeks to utilize the best features of the new console. The details are richer. The textures are more alive. There are even more people and animals to interact with in game play than there were in the original. It’s the same game for sure, but it looks so much better, especially when the two are compared side-by-side.

GTA Online players will also enjoy a seamless transition of their game data into the new version of the game.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of all with the new version of GTA V is the inclusion of bonus content for XBox One users. Fans of GTA love cheat codes, and the new version isn’t set to disappoint when it comes to new cheat codes.

The remastered version of GTA V released in November, so be sure to pick it up today.

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